Noëlle #1: Mile High Club

A while ago, I paid an extended weekend visit to Prague, the capital of Czech. It’s most definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but that’s not really the point here.  City trips are bound to be fun anyways, but they get significantly better when there’s a totally wacko nymphomaniac involved. Which just happened to be the case.

Her name is Noëlle (and yes, I do sometimes have a dream about her, in which she rings my bell) and she’s without any doubt the most vicious, depraved little vixen I’ve ever come across. Noëlle and I had had our encounters before our trip to Prague, but it had always been inconsistent and brief, or never even reached a climax at all. Well [spoiler], that was about to change alright.

They must have been able to catch a glimpse of her bare bottom. No panties indeed.

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When Noëlle and I met in front of the airport, autumn had just kicked in. It was windy and it had been drizzling all morning, leaving large puddles of muddy water all around. I watched Noëlle get out of the cab and lift her bags out of the trunk. She was wearing a rather confusing outfit: a black leather coat barely reached down to her just-as-dark skirt, her legs were covered with knee-high socks, pink on the right, white on the left, and her sneakers looked like she had found them on a long-abandoned battlefield: old, ragged, and dirty.

Noëlle paid the driver, then left her bags on the wet floor to hug me.

“No panties,” she whispered after an initial kiss on my cheek, as her hand grabbed mine and guided it to her hip, underneath her skirt; if there had been people watching, they must have been able to catch a glimpse of her bare bottom. No panties indeed.

Noëlle behaved rather well during our check-in and waiting time. We chatted about regular things, mostly the weather and the things we planned on doing in Prague. We were one of the last to arrive in the boarding room, though it looked like we got there early: I counted no more than eighteen other passengers. Most minded their own businesses, some glanced at Noëlle, both at her silly outfit as well as her desperate attempts to sit down on the low waiting seats without giving half the room an unhindered view behind the scenes. Eventually, she got bored and kicked her legs over mine, leaving the responsibility of keeping things classy with me instead.

Without any fear of risking to get caught, she closed her eyes and spread her legs, as her hand reached into her skirt and started moving around.


When we had boarded the plane and the flight attendant had finished her unimaginably awkward sign language warning signals, the pilot welcomed us into his aircraft, urged us to fasten our seatbelts and wished us a pleasant flight. Noëlle, kinky as she may be, looked rather uncomfortable being tied up in a chair, and she was clearly happy when the seatbelt lights above our head disappeared. She sat up and looked around. She was sitting near the aisle, with empty seats across it, and even the first three rows behind us were left deserted; there was a man in a suit right in front of us, but he was wearing large headphones, and the old couple that sat two rows ahead on the other side of the aisle was caught up in a conversation in a language I didn’t even remotely understand. Noëlle sat back down in her chair, kicked her feet up against the back of the seat in front of her and unbuttoned her skirt. I stared at her in disbelief, but she didn’t even notice me, or at least she pretended I wasn’t there.

“What?” she snarled when I asked what on Earth she was doing, then looked at me and grinned. “Just getting started.”

Without any fear of risking to get caught, she closed her eyes and spread her legs, as her hand reached into her skirt and started moving around. I shook my head and chuckled, but figured that the worst thing that could possible happen, and that would require a lot of bad luck, was to actually be seen, perhaps get fined for inappropriate behavior, or, in a worst case scenario, spend a night in a Czech police station – which wasn’t a tempting prospect, but a very unlikely one as well. On the other hand, this could turn out to be the kinkiest thing Noëlle and I had ever partaken in. I decided that the risks were never going to exceed the possible gains.

Noëlle smiled as I laid my hand on her leg, obviously satisfied with the outcome of my quick costs and benefits analysis. She gently rubbed herself, sinking her body deeper into the seat. She left the watch for unwanted visitors to me, and luckily was gullible enough to immediately stop and close her legs when I tapped on her knee as I saw the suited man in front of us stand up to hang his jacket in front of the window, looking back at us for a brief moment as he did so.

The second he sat down, Noëlle got up and bent towards me. She reached for the belt buckle and professionally loosened it with one hand, as she grabbed my shirt with her teeth and planted a soft kiss on my abs. I looked around, pleased to see everything around us seemed at ease, while Noëlle reached into my jeans and, without any form of teasing, grabbed my dick and pulled it out. Noëlle and I had been in similar positions a couple of times before and I knew what to expect, but it’s always a surprise to feel two warm lips and a wet tongue locking over the head, slowly sucking it in as it grows. She sure made it hard to focus both on the surroundings as well as her giving me a blowjob in plain sight.

She buried her face in my shoulder to keep her head from appearing over the seat and started to wiggle her hips back and forth, arching her body to match the angle of mine as best as she could.

I pulled up her skirt, exposing her to everyone who was lucky enough to look, and firmly grabbed her butt. From there, I reached down between her legs, slightly surprised by the slippery state of her privates – it did explain why she couldn’t even wait until we had landed and had made it to the hotel. As I slid a fingertip inside her, I felt her up the suction pressure, before gazing up at me for a moment.

“You reckon we’re a mile high yet?”

I looked down, ran my fingers through her hair and smiled widely.

“I’d say it counts.”

Joining the Mile High Club

That was the cue she needed. She pushed herself up and looked around. Nothing must have been moving, because she turned back towards me, threw her left leg over mine and sat down on my lap. She fiddled about with my dick, rubbing the tip against her exposed clit. I felt her hands around my neck and placed mine on her behind, gently squeezing the flesh. As I had grown fully hard, Noëlle moved forward and raised her hips, before slowly slipping onto my dick. She buried her face in my shoulder to keep her head from appearing over the seat and started to wiggle her hips back and forth, arching her body to match the angle of mine as best as she could.

Her hair was completely blocking my view and she was way too preoccupied to keep watch, leaving nothing but prayer between us and getting caught red-handed. Her fingers found their way under my shirt and her nails grappled my skin. In a perfectly synchronized motion, Noëlle rode me, like a rolling wave retreating to the ocean after it’s hit the shore, only to be overrun by yet another one on its way back. I could hear her breathing close to my ear and felt her teeth on it, one of her many, many ways of showing she was having a good time.

I pulled up her skirt enough to fully expose her buttocks and squeezed them firmly, pushing her up against me and guiding her back down. I never slid out of her for more than three inches, but that was plenty to keep the pressure on and still cause enough friction to make it harder and harder for me to stay focused.

“You better hurry before I get there first,” Noëlle whispered.

She sat up and looked at me, grinning, then started kissing me; a slow, wet kiss, not one that had to enforce our bonds or show her affection, but one of pure lust and craving. My thoughts flashed towards the guy in front of us – hadn’t he be wearing his headphones, he would easily have heard Noelle’s breathing, and maybe even the soaking sounds of penetration – but quickly concentrated on my actions again.

“Might just do that,” I grunted out slightly louder than I intended.

I grabbed her body even tighter and helped her down every time her body was on its way back, pushing myself deeper into her than before. The kissing had stopped and instead of it, Noelle’s lips were pressed against my trapezius. The slight curve of her body made the tip of my dick hit her side wall just a little harder, which, in its turn, instantaneously tipped me right over the edge. I grabbed Noëlle’s shoulders behind her back and pushed her down, keeping as much pressure on my dick as possible, as a large load began splashing into her. I knew she felt it, because the moment the first wave hit the inside of her pussy, she stopped moving, planted her teeth into my shoulder and crushed her legs together, squeezing out every last drop of cum.

Her hand immediately found its way back under her skirt. I stared, looking at the unexpected view of a girl playing with herself.

Easing down

As she felt me growing slightly softer inside, she slid off, sat back down on her chair and leaned over me. As if it was the only possible thing to do, she took my sticky dick in her mouth and licked it clean, swallowing everything she could find. Then she got up.

“You lucked out, you know that, right?” she said softly.

She bit her lip and looked at me, while her hands awkwardly put her skirt back into its original shape. I never took my eyes off of her as I zipped myself back up.

“On purpose,” I bluffed.

Noëlle looked around for the first time in minutes, then sat back down and kicked her feet against the seat in front of her. Her hand immediately found its way back under her skirt. I stared, looking at the unexpected view of a girl playing with herself, until she looked back at me.

“What?” she grinned. “I never came, remember.”

I shook my head and left her at it. She kept touching herself every now and then all throughout the flight, though she never crossed the edge. Not until we were in the safety of our hotel room – but that’s another story entirely.


I decided Noëlle deserves her own category, because I’m sure she’ll pop up more often. That’s where every story about her will end up. Be sure to check it out in time, ’cause she’s a crazy one.

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