(Imagine Aimee as the hottest girl you’ve ever seen)

Aimee threw her dirty laundry into the machine

It was Sunday and she was about to clean her room

‘lready she had grabbed a water bucket and a broom


Though what she hadn’t realized, at least not up ‘till now

Was that her only lazy shorts were also spinning ’round

And ’round and ’round they went, ‘till Aimee saw them through the glass

“You fuckers”, Aimee yelled, “you should be covering my ass!

But ‘stead, you’re hiding in that thing, I find that awful rude

Now who on Earth is covering my ass from being nude?”


As Aimee realized that she was talking to some pants

She took a few steps backwards, and clapped her tiny hands

Oh well, she thought, things shouldn’t really be that complicated

When shorts are hiding from yo’ ass, just clean your room butt-naked


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