How I fucked the most insecure girl on the web (Gabi – part #1)

I met Gabi online, at a forum where barely legal girls discuss their lives, school, love, and sex. The forum provided a PM option, so I created an account and started to browse for young, inexperienced girls to chat up and, eventually, get them in my bed. Gabi was the first girl I messaged.

Gabi was extremely shy and, from what I gathered from her posts, highly insecure about her general appearence. For no reason. When I, after tons of messages, finally got her to send me a picture, I was pleasantly surprised. She had what others would probably call a dull face, but something about it really triggered me. Her body – she had sent me a 3/4 mirror selfie – was tiny and petite. Her lack of curves and, judging from the picture, her rather small boobs were undoubtedly the reason for her insecurity. Continue reading “How I fucked the most insecure girl on the web (Gabi – part #1)”

Danielle desperately, desperately wanted to be a model

Small investments can lead to beautiful things. I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about dealing with those urges we all experience every now and then. Years ago, I used my basic HTML skills and loads of (perhaps slightly stolen) photographs to set up a portfolio website. It’s still running and although it doesn’t attract more than a couple hundred visitors a month, every so often, a very gullible would-be model passes by.

This one’s name was Danielle. She was born and raised in the south, her accent even showed in the brief answers to the basic questions on the website. Those questions are rudimentary, they only exist to make the portfolio look more professional. What I care about, is pictures. And those were quite alright. Continue reading “Danielle desperately, desperately wanted to be a model”

How Kyra got banged by a stranger in the park

It wasn’t cold in the park, but the wind had a free hand blowing through the large, open spaces. Spring was coming to an end and the few clouds weren’t much of an obstacle for the bright beams of the nearly full moon to penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere. Leafs murmured on the trees, singing the song of early autumn evening.

Kyra was walking down the pathway that led to her favourite spot, right under an ancient oak that had been standing there for decades, if not longer. She wouldn’t sit down for long tonight. It was Thursday and she had to wake up early for the hour and a half drive to work, but she needed a moment of silence before she would go to sleep. As she stepped off the path, she felt the young grass flattening under her feet. Carefully she walked towards the tree, aware of the slippery state of the ground below her. Continue reading “How Kyra got banged by a stranger in the park”