Thigh fuck, the best way to cum [video]

It’s one thing to take your cock out after a good bit of pounding, aiming for the fun parts and shooting your load all over her body, ass, boobs, face or pussy. It’s another to make it look classy, as far as classy goes when anal fucking and cumshots are involved. If you want to try, however, this might be your best bet.

This is far from the best video in the world. It has a build-up that takes ages, the quality is rather poor and the actual action doesn’t last long enough. However, there’s about a minute that’s so perfect this video should be on anyone’s watched list. It is, arguably, the best way to cum, ever. Continue reading “Thigh fuck, the best way to cum “

The quickest blowjob in the world

Once upon a time, I was dating a girl named Tess. She was a tiny, petite blonde, with boobs that were slightly too large for her size and an impressive list of kinks and fetishes. Most were rather interesting, but there was one that somehow always topped the list: Tess had an unstoppable urge to go down on people – me, in this instance.

After we had been sleeping together for a couple of weeks and the first desperate non-stop love-making had past, we started to tease each other. She wasn’t particularly fun to tease, because once she reached a certain level of arousal, nothing in the world could stop her from getting herself done, but she did have her wicked ways of keeping me on edge for as long as possible. This is the tale of the first time that happened. Continue reading “The quickest blowjob in the world”