Dannii, the drunkest Russian slut ever

Her name was Dannii.

I didn’t know that yet, but it already explained a heck of a lot of things. Like every girl called Dannii, or at least every girl I ever imagined being called Dannii, she was slightly taller than usual, had long, straight, blond hair, a fit, sporty body and a face that begged for a bucket full of the stickiest cum to be thrown all over it.

Dannii was looking at me. That was a strange realization, ’cause I wasn’t necessarily the best dancer, nor did I run around topless showing off my crazy muscular body, like some of the other guys were doing. She ignored them and looked at me once more, then turned away and shook her hips. Continue reading “Dannii, the drunkest Russian slut ever”

Noëlle #2: Fucked against a hotel wall

I have told you about a girl named Noëlle, one of the wickedest, devilishest creatures of ’em all (if you haven’t read the first story, this is your chance). The last story ended sort of cliffhanger-y, so it seemed only fair I followed up on that. Therefore, this is the story of what happened after Noëlle and I left the world behind and enjoyed the privacy of our hotel room (lol privacy).

As you may remember, or as you may have read just now, Noëlle got off the plane without getting off on the plane. She had been playing with herself, she had been riding me, and she had done way more playing, but she had always stayed within the boundaries of what her fragile body could cope with. It did, however, make her lascivious beyond reason. Continue reading “Noëlle #2: Fucked against a hotel wall”

How I Got Used For A Cougar’s Pleasure

One of the most depressing times in life is the moment you arrive at the bus stop late at night, in the middle of nowhere, cold, wetted by an annoying drizzle, only to find out the bus you were hoping to get has just gone round the corner, and the next one, if such a thing even exists, doesn’t arrive until the second you would have ended up where you needed to be, if you decided to take the walk. 

This exact thing happened to me. I spread my arms and let the wrath of the antichrist crush me, I challenged karma to a duel to the death, but it didn’t help. Defeated, mentally broken, I sat down on the bench and tried to figure out what I had done to deserve this.  Continue reading “How I Got Used For A Cougar’s Pleasure”