Kasia – Polish teen pussy [fave porn girls]

There’s a lot of girls in porn I’d fuck in a heartbeat if I had the chance. Some of them, though, just have something about them that makes me want to do a lot of bad stuff to them. Those girls deserve a post of their own, and that’s why I brought the [fave porn girls] section into life. First one to join the A-list of pornographic perfection: Kasia, the Polish teen that took America by storm.

Kasia Uściłko came to the US as part of a student exchange program, but she quickly got around to do other, more interesting stuff. The first time she caught my attention was with a video that’s all over the biggest porn websites. You may have actually seen it, as I have stumbled upon it time and time again. In the video, she attaches a see-through purple toy to a wooden structure and doggies herself. She looks at herself in the mirror, sits up and arches her back to hit that right spot. It’s been one of my favorite videos ever since. Continue reading “Kasia – Polish teen pussy [fave porn girls]”

Danielle desperately, desperately wanted to be a model

Small investments can lead to beautiful things. I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about dealing with those urges we all experience every now and then. Years ago, I used my basic HTML skills and loads of (perhaps slightly stolen) photographs to set up a portfolio website. It’s still running and although it doesn’t attract more than a couple hundred visitors a month, every so often, a very gullible would-be model passes by.

This one’s name was Danielle. She was born and raised in the south, her accent even showed in the brief answers to the basic questions on the website. Those questions are rudimentary, they only exist to make the portfolio look more professional. What I care about, is pictures. And those were quite alright. Continue reading “Danielle desperately, desperately wanted to be a model”