Flickr Chick: Veronica Velour [pictures]

You guys know Flickr? It’s this huge photography community that houses both the best pic-takers in the world as well as your granny who thinks her iPad camera is as good as it gets. Who’d have thought a free photography platform would end up being used for unholy things like nude selfies and porn?! This world is fucked.

In all seriousness, there’s plenty of people who post pretty good and pretty naughty pictures of themselves and their surroundings. One of them is this babe called Veronica Velour (or Vérønîcå Vélöur ♈♥♡XoXo♡♥♈). She’s got over 17,5k followers so chances are you might already know about her, but if not: go check her out. Continue reading “Flickr Chick: Veronica Velour [pictures]”

Aftermath – Sleeping Beauty

Never have eyes witnessed such sheer perfection as my own did that very moment. I couldn’t help but stare, even though I had done far more than that earlier. Not sure whether she was asleep or not, I sat still and sipped from my coffee as quietly as possible. She hadn’t moved since I got up, so I assumed I was in the clear – for now.

Imagine the prettiest woman alive. She wasn’t that, but for me, at that very moment, she came exceptionally close. The bed sheets barely touched her pale skin, having slid off of the silk-like surface. A thin beam of early sunlight peeked through the curtains and lit up her face. Dark-red, almost black lips began to crackle under the tension of her breathing, which gently nudged her body upwards until gravity took over, starting the whole sequence all over again. Continue reading “Aftermath – Sleeping Beauty”