Dannii, the drunkest Russian slut ever

Her name was Dannii.

I didn’t know that yet, but it already explained a heck of a lot of things. Like every girl called Dannii, or at least every girl I ever imagined being called Dannii, she was slightly taller than usual, had long, straight, blond hair, a fit, sporty body and a face that begged for a bucket full of the stickiest cum to be thrown all over it.

Dannii was looking at me. That was a strange realization, ’cause I wasn’t necessarily the best dancer, nor did I run around topless showing off my crazy muscular body, like some of the other guys were doing. She ignored them and looked at me once more, then turned away and shook her hips. Continue reading “Dannii, the drunkest Russian slut ever”

Oops! I’ll just… I’ll just close this door here

A statue. A man made of marble with a doorknob in his hand. That’s how I stood there. Silent. Motionless. For a brief moment in time, everything was stationary. The world had stopped, life had paused. My brain was the only thing that was still moving. And it was moving at dazzling speeds. 

Slowly, the universe came back to life, as if someone had switched the generator back on; as the electric circuits were made, the lights started flickering and, one by one, re-lit the darkened room.  Continue reading “Oops! I’ll just… I’ll just close this door here”

How Kyra got banged by a stranger in the park

It wasn’t cold in the park, but the wind had a free hand blowing through the large, open spaces. Spring was coming to an end and the few clouds weren’t much of an obstacle for the bright beams of the nearly full moon to penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere. Leafs murmured on the trees, singing the song of early autumn evening.

Kyra was walking down the pathway that led to her favourite spot, right under an ancient oak that had been standing there for decades, if not longer. She wouldn’t sit down for long tonight. It was Thursday and she had to wake up early for the hour and a half drive to work, but she needed a moment of silence before she would go to sleep. As she stepped off the path, she felt the young grass flattening under her feet. Carefully she walked towards the tree, aware of the slippery state of the ground below her. Continue reading “How Kyra got banged by a stranger in the park”