I got to fuck that tiny little Asian girl

One of my first ever posts on here was about a weird, yet awesome night I once had with a Thai ladyboy. I was on a business trip in the country, and things led to another and shablammo, things happened. Big whoop. But! Something else happened as well. And that didn’t involve a ladyboy. Or a boy. Or even a lady. Hang on, sit back, and I’ll tell you all about it.

Now for the record: this happened after I had the little penis-plus-boobs-in-one-package adventure. I knew I was going to have to wash away the dirt somehow, and banging a legit female creature was the only option. Bear in mind, that’s not a huuuuuuge issue when you’re 6’7 and blond, but still, it had to be done. Continue reading “I got to fuck that tiny little Asian girl”

This Is How I Fucked A Ladyboy (On Purpose)

As y’all know, Thailand is full of a rather odd kind of human beings. They’re usually called ladyboys, also known as shemales, trannies, chicks with dicks, and some more creative terms.

They are dudes (this is the first and last time I’ll say this, cause really, it’s kinda gross if you think about it), but they feel like they’re chicks, so they look like chicks, but they still have their… assets. I think they’re usually gay, but wild ladyboys have been seen banging girls – srsly, search the internet for it some time, it’s kinda fun to watch.

Anyway. I was in Thailand on a business trip (wink, more like a vacation) and I had taken refuge in a normal bar in downtown Pattaya, one of the biggest cities in the country. I was just minding my own business, having a drink, looking at hookers hitting on foreigners and trying to kick them away from myself. I succeeded quite nicely, until a really cute – uhm – not-so-much girl sat down next to me. She (I’ll call it “she”, I bet she would have liked that) didn’t say a word, so I reckoned she wasn’t after my money. I said hi and we ended up having a really nice talk about Thailand, sex tourism and work. I bought her a couple of drinks and we got legitimately tipsy. I really wanted to know whether she was actualy a girl, so I decided to ask her, having already accepted the fact that she probably wasn’t. She grabbed my hand and stuffed it under her dress. They were clearly a ladyboy.

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